Blag Hag - She Asked "Why is the G-spot still such a mystery?" And I Fell In Love

I was searching for some info on a particular G-Spot study, and I happen to come across a discussion of that study within a blog called Blag Hag. The post (read it here) was critical and informed. She pointed out that there is such sparse and usually crappy research data on the G-spot, that it is nonsensical to act as though it is an understood thing. She - and this is why I love this blog - actually read and critiqued two G-spot research articles that are used commonly as evidence for each extreme side of the G-spot argument. Let's just say the conclusion is that they aren't top of the line scientific inquiry.

Intrigued and excited, I read further people - far more than I really had time for, but I have concluded that I love the blog. As you may know, I don't just write about any old thing on the SSL blog, so it is safe to assume that Blag Hag is SSL approved. That is to say, she writes about and she's got the right idea about science, sex, and the ladies. Now, not all her writing has to do with the SSL intersection. She's got other fun topics to read about, but I liked those parts too. By her own admission she is a "liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted feminist atheist who recently escaped Indiana for Seattle." Besides the escape to Seattle part, the two of us have a whole hell of a lot in common. I'll keeping an eye on this one, and if you wanna be awesome, you should too.


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