The AnC Holiday Card is Back!!!!!!!!

We've been discussing something. Something beautiful, monumental, intriguing and kinda creepy. Something that was missing last year. Something we're very excited about....something called the AnC holiday card. That's right. We are back in the groove and sending one out this year. So those of you on our mailing list, be looking for that in the mail come New Year. If you have no idea what we're talking about, then here's the quick back story. We've been putting out strange, elaborate holiday cards (usually it's New Years but sometimes Christmas or Valentine's Day) since about 2000. We didn't get one out last year because we were a little overwhelmed with pre-production for this movie. They take an intensive amount of time to do because of the assembly and planning time involved with many of them. We really are excited though because we have a lot of fun creating these. In the past we've done an online "choose your own adventure" video that included Barnaby in a bubble bath. We created exercise videos were I wore spandex shorts with a thong over them. They have included some oh so lovely pictures too. You can see our retrospective of these here. This one won't be as elaborate as in the past, but it should be fun...plus it's really just an appetizer to the crazy one we'll send out when we introduce the premier of Science Sex and the Ladies a bit later in 2010.

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