Books, Mags, Plays, Music Art: A Big List of Things I Have Lady-gasm Critiqued

Over the years I've written in this blog about a variety of books, magazines, plays, and websites or threads. Sometimes I review/critique them. Sometimes I praise them. Sometimes I interview the authors about them. I want to get all of that in one place. I also want to build on it. There are so many more books that I want to talk about. There are so many more magazines that I want to SSL Review. This will be an ever growing list.

Here's the basics for those of you new to this blog.

SSL Reviews are critiques specifically of depictions or discussions of female orgasm, female masturbation or the clit. Sometimes in these, I rate them from 1 to 5 vulvas. (!)(!)(!)(!)(!). Sometimes I don't. Also, feel free to check out the TV and movie SSL Reviews.

As always, I'm open for ideas. So, if you've heard of something I should check out, please, throw 'em at me.

The Hite Report by Shere Hite
This is less a review of the book and more of a look at some writings about the 30th anniversary of the book. Either way, this is an IMPORTANT book. I also write about it HERE

The Case of the Female Orgasm: Bias in the Study of Evolution by Elisabeth Lloyd
Absolutely fabulous and incredibly comprehensive book on theories about how the female orgasm evolved.

The Technology of Orgasm: "Hysteria," The Vibrator, and Women's Sexual Satisfaction
A deeply researched historical look at female orgasm and Western culture's long and desperate attempt to cling to the belief that PinV intercourse is as orgasmic for women as it is for men.

Female Sexual Response  - Hiroshi Yoshida 1961
A Kinsey Institute find. Hella on-point and almost a decade before Masters and Johnson

5 Minutes to Orgasm Every Time You Make Love by D. Claire Hutchins
The name seems cheesy and ridiculous, but the message is hella on point.

Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the construction of Sexuality by Anne Fausto-Sterling
You can't divide humanity into 2 distinct sexes. This book meticulously goes into why that's true, and it's super interesting

American Sexual Character: Sex, Gender, and National Identity in the Kinsey Reports
This is an interview with the author Miriam Reuman. It's maybe one of my favorite books. It's just really great.

Dilemmas of Desire: Teenage Girls Talk About Sexuality
This is an interview with the author Deborah Tolman. she is fab, and this book is a must read.

For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality 
This is an interview with the author Dr. Lonnie Barbach. The book and her research is so important, and if you have not ever orgasmsed and want to learn how, this is the book.

Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life
A discussion of this important book about how desire works in individuals, including much praise and also a critique of how female orgasm was handled

Slippery When Wet: One Woman's Journey Through the Mystery of Sex  by Dr. Joanna Ellington
A memoir of a super interesting lady who also invented a pretty sweet lube that is safe for trying to conceive. 

Masters of Sex by Thomas Maier
Some kinda random thoughts on this book about those titans of physiological orgasm research - Masters and Johnson.

The Duchess War by Courtney Milan
A guest SSL Review of this romance novel...and it's a good one  - Orgasm Equality Approved!

50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James
A guest SSL Review...not great in the lady-gasm realism department

Sex and Your Son, Sex and Your Daughter 
This isn't a book, it's a 1965 sex ed record for parents and kids to listen to together. I didn't know where to categorize this, so it's here.

Magazines (online and paper)
Cleo (a huge Australian women's magazine)
2 awesome Orgasm Equality articles by Gemma Askham
Breaking the Sexual Glass Ceiling and Beating the Orgasm Gap

Cosmo Sex Positions
Guess what? They're way the hell better than you remember them. In fact, strangely, they've got an orgasm equality flair that is simply badass these days.

January 2013 #1
Someone's embarrassed when their boyfriend finds their vibrator...for some reason 

January 2013 #2
From 'Rebound Sex , The Right Way'  - They use the word clit, and I'm pleased

January 2013 #3
From 'Rebound Sex, The Right Way' - we ponder how sad it is that a stat saying only 1/3 of women orgasm during rebound sex sits so unremarkably on a page instead of firing up the masses

January 2013 #4
From 'Rebound Sex, The Right Way' I read about The Corkscrew and find it a bit ridiculous 

Great article about Bad Sex April 2016 
The Article, by Gemma Askham tells the damn truth about the reality of so much hetero sex. also, i might have a quote in this one. 

This article titled, "A Sex Educator Breaks Down Exactly How Vaginal Masturbation Works," doesn't in fact do that.  

June 2010  SSL Review
An awesome nudey magazine for women; smart and sexy and this issue got a 4 vulva rating

Hustler September 1977 Series
Kinky Korner SSL Review
How does Diane's orgasms during her wild phone sex with long-distance boyfriend Randy rate on the realism scale? Sadly, only 2 1/2 vulvas (!)(!)(!

An Article on Bondage - an SSL Review
So, a dude gets a bondage article, him and his lady try that shit for like a year, and he writes an article about it...kind of an informational article. I SSL review it.

An SSL Review of their X-rated Video Reviews
Dude, the storylines of these porns they are reviewing are insane. My eyes were opened you all. You need to check this. 

SSL Review of Reader Questions
Is she trying too hard to orgasm?; Is that dude a douche-bag for being bothered his lady really likes getting her own? (yeah probably); incorrect orgasm rate knowledge; and faking or a strong vag? 

SSL Review of the Sex Toy Ads
Check off your sex toy wish list with : "The Ultimate Vibrator" that probably doesn't do all the moving they say it does, "German Ticklers" that should be named cervix torturers, and the "Butt/Pussy Tickler" that inexplicably touts its use for enema retention.

Playboys from my youth and their affect on me
I had a different perspective of feminism back in the day when I was reading my dad's Playboys

March 1995 - Playboy Advisor
This dude has the wrong idea about how to eat a lady out

February 2006 SSL Review
penis-growth ads, previous centerfold repping for cunnilingus, and insinuations through cartoons and poems that dicks give women orgasms. Only 2 vulvas (!)(!)

March 2006 SSL Review
Playboy Advisor's take on masturbating to sleep, their smug take on lady-gasms, and fair advise about sex toys; a fiction story about carrot masturbating; and some orgasm equality in a cartoon. (!)(!)(!) 

May 2006 SSL Review
Orgasmsing on weed, the length of a pig's orgasm, and a Playboy Party Joke about pantyhose. This issue got a 3 1/2 vulva rating (!)(!)(!)(!

July/August 2013
They be talkin' about the vibrator like it's threatening or something

American Idiot (Pheonix Theater Indianapolis)
Liked the show, love the theater, but the on-stage orgas? Unrealistic given the physical things happening - only 1 vulva (!)

A list of dirty, yet Orgasm Equality approved songs

Play by David Banner 
This is a surprising heavy hitter in the Orgasm Equality team...but only if it's not censored

2 new Dirty Song SSL Champs
Love Again by Akinyele Back and 212 by Azealia Banks...dirty AND Orgasm Equality approved!

Songs to Eat Girls Out To
A song list out there with a fantastic purpose

Kisses Down Low by Kelly Rolands
I mean it's about kisses down low, so...

Peaches and Cream by 112
So all the ladies in the house if your peach the shit
Put your hands in the air represent your clique

Cindy Lauper and Divinyls bring it

Cliteracy by Sophia Wallace
This is soooooo on point, sooooo Orgasm Equality. Check it, for real.

Alexandra Rubinstein's sexy dude art
Famous guys going down, old Playgirl pics, and vibrators

Eat Me: A Cunnilingus Themed Art Show
I mean, that says it all right?

The Magic Wand throughout Art History
A Tumblr with the classic Magic Wand Vibrator in old art. How you not love this?

A recap of a Bodybuilding thread about Cliteracy
I randomly found this thread from 2013 (started by HorseCawk) and I loved it more than you could imagine. I had to recap.

My class is questioned on a thread about Blue is the Warmest Color
My blog was brought up by driver8 and Ratfink poo poos the my vulva rating system. I write about it, and then they find my blog and Ratfink turns out to be pretty cool

Romance fans have a pretty awesome discussion about orgasm in romance novels
I'm just sayin'...'sparkly rainbows of pleasure' and 'crashing on waves of ecstasy'

Informational Pages
Dr Phil's Female Orgasm Advise Page
I mean, it's not super great

The lady-bation pics are a bit misinformed

Memes about Lady-gasms
memes about not believing in them, about them being complicated, and about the clit causing them

Some Female Masturbation Memes
chosen by me very quickly, mostly lady-bation positive-ish

General masturbation memes
self explanatory

More masturbation memes
still self explanatory

Faked Orgasm Memes
memes about ladies fakin' orgasms...'cause that shit happens ya'll

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