Cindy Gallop - Orgasm Equality Hero!

This lady is already on the ol' list of Orgasm Equality Allies, but I have yet to write a particular blog about her. Well here it is.

Cindy Gallop is an accomplished advertising executive and business owner who decided that we all needed more education and realism when it came to porn. It all came (hilarious word choice, am I right?) to her after having sex with dudes in their 20's and thinking that maybe porn wasn't giving them such a top-notch sexual education. With this in mind, she launched Make Love Not Porn at TED2009 where she gave THIS talk.

Cindy Gallop's Twitter pic - She likes to blow shit up.

Since then Make Love Not Porn has grown and you can add your #RealWorldSex videos and watch others. You can also talk about it and learn about some differences between Porn World and The Real World. My very, very favorite one is as follows.

Porn World: Women come all the time in positions where nothing is going on anywhere near the clit 
The Real World: There has to be some sort of rhythmic pressure on the clit in just the right way to make a woman come. Can be pubic bone, tongue, fingers, something else entirely. But it has to be there. 

That's what I'm talkin' about. Love the straight up-ness right there.
I also love that she is very clear about the following things:

  •  MakeLoveNotPorn is not about judgement, or what is good vs what is bad. Sex is the area of human experience that embraces the widest possible range of tastes. Everyone should be free to make up their own mind about what they do and don't like. 
  • MakeLoveNotPorn is not anti-porn. I like porn and watch it regularly myself.
  • MakeLoveNotPorn is simply intended to help inspire and stimulate open, healthy conversations about sex and pornography, in order to help inspire and stimulate more open, healthy and thoroughly enjoyable sexual relationships.
Here's the deal. Porn is and has always been around. It is good and bad like every other thing in life. It's complicated. Like oh-so-many things, it needs feminist scrutinizing, but feminist scrutinizing doesn't need to mean condemnation. There doesn't need to be a break in the feminist community about it. Contrary to what pop media would have us believe, feminists can be anyone inside or outside the porn industry and most are like Ms. Gallop here - simply wanting better porn. Different feminists have different ideas about what that means, but like Ms. Gallop suggests above, we can talk about this shit and things just might get more fucking awesome. 

So, thank you Cindy Gallop. We need as many open-minded, business-savy, feminists women thinking about porn and working in top industry roles there.

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