Searches That Get People To this Blog!

Sometimes I take a moment to check my blogger stats. One of the things I can see is particular google searches that brought people to my blog. I have to keep a watch on this to find the good ones - cause the really strange ones only happen once, so they only really stay in the list for a day, otherwise they get overrun by the more popular searches.

So, just for fun. Here are the best 3 that I found today.

ssl in gynokologie - I googled this phrase and didn't come up with anything that led me back to my blog, so I'm not sure how this one happened. SSL is the name of the blog, but I'm pretty sure I haven't written anything that used a strange Slavic/Germanic spelling of gynecology. I rarely discuss gynecology, really. No one likes to think about having their cervix opened with a speculum, do they?

funny graphs with female doctors - Was this searched because a Thursday night wine and journal club for women, made up mostly of doctors was looking for some fun pictures to use in flyers about their group? Was a sexist medical school administrator with bad taste looking for graphs about silly women doctors to liven up his PowerPoint Presentation? Was a gender studies grad student searching the ol' internets for proof of sexism in research about doctors? Was some person that likes graphs, lady doctors, and a good laugh just fucking around on Google? Who knows, but I'm pretty sure it took him or her to THIS post about some funny graphs this woman made about female's masturbating.

orgasm fuck blogspot - I do use both those words, fuck and orgasm - the second more than the first, and my blog is on blogspot, but those are all pretty common words. To be honest, I'm a little flattered that any of my posts would pop up with such a generic search. I tested it out, and at the end of the 2nd page of the Google search was THIS post about what it would be like if we lived in an alternate universe where our culture dealt with male orgasm the way we deal with female orgasm.

So there you go. I'll keep a watch and maybe I'll have more soon.


  1. I never previously checked where my readers were coming from. After reading your notes in the matter I got curious.

    At least in the last few days, lots of the visitors to my page were coming from your page.

    1. Well, glad I could move some people your way. It is pretty interesting to check that out once in a while. It can get pretty weird.