True Detective - The SSL Review

So, True Detective. I wasn't watching it, but then some of my friends were and the whole season finale thing was happening, so since me and Charlie are like big time tv followers, we watched the whole thing in 2 days. To be real honest, I liked it at first, but then I thought it kinda fell off towards the end. It was alright.

More importantly though, it can be SSL reviewed. I'm just going to review the whole first season here. Strangely for an HBO series, there was really only a couple gratuitous sex scenes in the whole thing, and not every one had a depiction of female sexual release, so there's not that much to review actually. And...actually the reviews are pretty easy. To make a long story short, clits are never touched but orgasms do seem to happen when vag is penetrated...reinforcing the already ubiquitous and incorrect cultural assumption that ladies get a good 'gasm from a penis rubbing the inside of their vaginas (I think the plural is actually vaginae, but I think that's a stupid word).

Season 1 Episode 6 - So there was some intercourse with the lady on top sitting upright on a man laying flat on his back. She is holding her breasts or caressing his upper body as she bobs up and down. No clit touching at all - not with a hand and clearly it's not up against his body, but she comes simultaneously with him somehow - I guess because porn magic?

Season 1 Episode 6 - There is also a quick standing doggy style against a kitchen counter banging. Clearly no clit stimulation here either. She makes sounds that seem to insinuate she's orgasming during the time that he is, and she seems all satisfied when it's done so this seems like a bogus ladygasm depiction also. However, I'm not gonna judge this one. It's too complicated. It's kind of a weird revenge fuck, so we might be expected to assume she's faking her pleasure anyway. (Oh - women in this show are ridiculous btw).

Season 1 Episode 3 - There was a sex scene (with no intercourse) here, and there wasn't any actual depiction of an orgasm. She was certainly enjoying the kissing and such that we saw. When the scene ended it seemed like maybe he was going down on her. It ended with her lying on her back, eyes closed, and seemingly enjoying something, and the shot prior had him above her moving down her body while pulling off her underwear. So, I'm just putting it down as an honorable mention, cause I have a soft spot for the ol' cunnilingus.

So that's the deal. This, like so many other TV shows and movies, contributes to that silliness of thinking ladies can just be pounded into an orgasm. It's so a part of our media, so part of our understanding of how sex should work, that it feels like it should be real. Truth is, even if there are orgasms that happens from the vaginal wall being stimulated with a dick or a dildo, it hasn't been identified by the scientific community as of yet, and it's not like people haven't tried...so why the hell is it the only way women orgasm on screen. Bullshit, ya'll.

Alright, alright, alright. - Only 1 vulva for this TV show (and only because it seemed like at least one woman got her clit sucked on, and that deserves something).


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