Friday Report from a Cunning Linguist (In the Form of a Comic)

It's Friday, and I've been sick, so I'm going to post something easy - but not just easy, also useful and good for the greater ladygasm good. It's a post in Oh Joy Sex Toy (which is a comic that reviews sex toys). This particular post basically just gives tips for the ol' yoni-yodeling, the dive into pearlville, the eating of the muffin, or as I like to say, eatin' the lady junk out.

I respect quality in this department and have a special love for this activity, a very, very special love. Unless your cunning linguist has been misinformed and is just trying to stick his/her tongue in and out of your hole like it's a tiny, easily tiring dildo, it's hard to not make this at least somewhat pleasurable for the lady. I mean, you've got a vulva/clit area with lots of nerve ending, and you've got a self-lubing, warm, softish object (assuming teeth aren't in the mix) rubbing against the lady bits, so there's gonna be arousal.

As with the brother activity, fellatio, it's gonna take some learning, experimenting, and paying attention to your partner to bring her/him to orgasm, but it's a journey worth taking - on both sides of this transaction. It probably also takes a little bit of a particular kind of courage from the receiver to decide not to worry about any displeasure that might come to your partner, given that their face is so dangerously intimate with your general nether regions. Different people have different levels of uncomfortable-ness with this, but remember that arousal and orgasm can easily be suppressed by stress, worry, or any type of mental distraction. Masters and Johnson's groundbreaking book Human Sexual Inadequacy was pretty clear about that, so try to eliminate those silly ol' worries the best you can.

Anyway, I talk a lot in this blog about using your hands or your vibrator in partnered sexual situation to get yours. I'm very much behind the idea of women taking their orgasms into their own hands, but for a minute, let's just lie back and celebrate a situation where we ladies can give that responsibility to our partner's mouths. Hallelujah.


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