Does Penis Size Matter? Nahhh.

So, my last post was a random Hite Report, and it just happened that the page I turned to was about guys feeling like their dicks were too small (actually, the question asked was about genitals, not penises in particular, and it seemed like a couple of the guys were talking about their balls which seemed strange to me. I really never suspected men worried about them being too small...I mean, is that a thing? Cause maybe it shouldn't be).

Anyway, it got me thinking that I should speak on this whole "does size matter" thing. I'm sure I've made my feelings known on this subject in various places in this blog, but I don't think I've ever written a whole post on it.

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So in short (no pun intended), the answer is no, size doesn't matter...for bringing women to orgasm that is. As I've pointed out here many times, the penis rubbing in the vagina does not cause orgasm. That means that a fatter one isn't going to create more orgasm pressure in there or any crazy thing like that, and longer ones aren't more able to hit some made-up magically orgasmic spot in the depths of the vag. Those are just shit people say and not based in the physical realities of female genitalia.

Women need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, not a penis moving in and out of their vagina. So, contrary to popular belief, men do not need a long, thick or hard cock to bring their woman to orgasm. They don't even need a penis. Top notch oral sex skills and solid manual moves are your best ladygasm-giving moves whether you have a big or a small pole. What I'm saying here is that penises don't cause women to orgasm (unless you're rubbing it in circles on her clit...although honestly, I just don't even think that would work. The pressure wouldn't be right...I mean just use a finger - it's be easier). I don't mean this to sound as harsh as it's going to sound, but I'll say it anyway. Penises don't really matter for women's orgasms so the size of the penis certainly doesn't matter.

That said though, I will acknowledge women may have size and shape preferences and that size may matter a little, but not in the way most people may think.

Possibility 1 
Some women might just like the looks of a big penis. It's a turn on like big boobs or full vulva lips are for some men. Having intercourse with a big dick might also just feel hotter to some women - like they're in a porn or something, and so they like it for that turn-on factor. That's just a matter of taste though and would only really be relevant to a woman's level of pleasure or arousal, not to her capacity for orgasm.

Possibility 2 
The size of a dude's penis may have an effect on particular women's abilities to grind on the dude to orgasm while engaging in intercourse. For instance, she may need her vulva to grind against a particular area on his pelvis while her pelvis is tilted in a certain way in order to get the right clitoral friction against his body so she can get her orgasm. It may be that a longer penis will allow her to get her pelvis where she wants it without the ol' dong falling out. It may also be that the angle of the penis is important to a lady in getting her vulva in the right position to rub against him during intercourse.

Possibility 3 
A certain size of penis may feel more comfortable for some women, and an uncomfortable size could feel as though it inhibits her orgasm. For instance, maybe the easiest way for some ladies to come during intercourse is on their hands and knees going doggy style while using a vibrator on the vulva. Doggie style allows for more of the penis to enter the vagina and can often hit the cervix which can be uncomfortable if not down right painful (am I right, ladies?). Bigger dicks mean more cervix bangin' and that may not sit well with some ladies. In this case, smaller dicks probably work better.

Possibility 4
 Some women may have preferences that relate to causing ejaculation (not orgasms) during intercourse. Although there's not a lot of research on this, it seems that a small number of women do ejaculate sometimes during intercourse, and we know that stimulation of the G-spot (in the front wall of the vagina not too far from the opening), has been known to cause ejaculation in some women. So it makes sense that for some women, the penis moving in the vagina could elicit ejaculation in this way, and it may be that certain penis sizes and shapes, as well as intercourse positions, make it easier or harder to do so. So some women may have preferences based on this, but please note that this is about eliciting ejaculation - which is not the same physiological event as an orgasm. It involves a spritz or spray of ejaculate fluid through the urethra. It is not always described as particularly pleasurable, and from the little that is known of it, it doesn't seem like this kind of ejaculation through intercourse is common at all among women.

So, although some of the small number of women who this is relevant to may enjoy an ejaculation and prefer penises that will help that ejaculation happen, it still holds true that size doesn't really matter to women's orgasms. Besides, the only ejaculations that have been observed in scientific study are ones caused by a finger (not a penis) moving in a "come hither" fashion in the vagina, and that seems to be the most common way sexperts recommend eliciting ejaculation - not through intercourse. So, even for ejaculation, the penis is really not even necessary.

So, preferences for size could vary among women, and size could matter for her ability to orgasm during intercourse or for her ability to ejaculate during intercourse. However, the penis is not necessary for either and isn't even really part of the stimulation to orgasm at all in women. I mean it's not like a penis, big or small, needs to be inside a woman for an orgasm to happen. The penis in vag thing is just something that can, if the couple so chooses, happen alongside whatever other thing is being done to her clit to get her off.

So, my point is don't fret about size. These worries are a holdover from the incorrect idea that men are supposed to use their penises to bang women into orgasms. That simply doesn't work, so stop feeling bad if your penis or your man's penis doesn't size up to porn rods, and stop focusing on intercourse. Whatever the two (or three or four or whatever) of you have available on your bodies can be well utilized, and all parties can enjoy great orgasms no matter what kind of junk ya'll got - that is if everyone takes the time to explore the options.

Also I made a poem.
Cheers to penises tiny and  tall, thick and thin, cherish them all. 
Here's to dicks with bulbous heads and torpedo shapes,
Bald as cue balls and hairy as apes.
Buy a round for poles that point to the ground and lean to the right,
Nads that hang down low and are pulled up tight
Ah, man junk: A tip o' the hat to all ya'll...big and small

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