What people search for to get to me

I can access some data about how people get to my blog, and one thing I can do is see words/phrases people typed into a search engine before finding and clicking onto one of my posts. I love to check this out because there can be some crazy stuff there. I can look at the top ones for each day, week, month or for all time. The all time top ones are mostly boring - like "mutual masturbation" or "sciencesexandtheladies." One really has to daily check the top ones for each day and keep a record of the best to really get the good ones. Unfortunately, I haven't been doing that since I did my last post on this same subjects, so I don't have the really great ones right now. However, just for fun I thought I'd show you some of the weirder top searches from this month, week, and day.

Strangely, it seems when people look up some version of boy, girl, sex, and images, it tends to bring them to my blog. I'm pretty sure it's because I have a post about the the first sexual images that girls vs. boys see. It got a ton of pageviews through Reddit, and it's still a pretty highly looked at one of my posts, but I can't help feeling that the searches bringing people there are mostly from creepy pedophiles...I mean why use the words "boy" and "girl" in your search for sexual images when you could very well use "man" and "woman." Actually, I kind of like to assume these searches are from non native English speakers who are just awkwardly trying to find porn pics. It makes me feel better. So anyway, here are some of the ones in the list...like I said - could easily be typed in by people who can't speak English real well, right?...and why winter?

funny winter sex images girls vs boys

sexual girls and their images

images girls and boys sexully

Also, I got a couple good euphamisms for female masturbation. It does my heart well to think typing in these phrases brings people to me.

Playing the clitar
clitoris hardons

Also...this one...Did they try to spell I like ey?

ey have a orgasmus movie

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